Thursday, October 16, 2014

Better by the second

Earlier today I was worried about time. I was scared that this amazing girl would drift with time and that maybe she was already feeling it. I was scared time would drag her away from me and that I would be left without a chance.

Today she let me know that she was thinking about time also. She is concerned about time. She does not want time to get in the way. She does not want to lose me to time. I can not believe I found this girl and the efforts she is making in order to make us work. I wish I could do half of the stuff she is trying, but I am so tied down to my location because of school. She is so incredible and I cant believe how lucky I am.

It is insane to think of where I was just one week ago. My life has changed on a dime. I am so happy. I want things to work out so badly. It sucks being away from her right now. She is all I want.

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